Cycling training isn't just a question of TIME, but also QUALITY


Hello and welcome to!

As you’ve no doubt guessed, this site is about everything related to cycling – with a heavy emphasis on road biking. We’re all cycling enthusiasts and thought it was finally time to create a blog about our favourite topic.

Here’s what you can expect from us in the coming weeks and months:

  • Training tips and advice. This is probably what we’ll focus on most, as it’s the topic we get asked more than any other. Cycling training doesn’t need to be complicated – we think many people make it more difficult than it needs to be – but there’s an art to it if you want to get the most from your training time.
  • Gear tests and reviews. Everyone wants to know whether the latest gear is worth buying, so we’ll be testing it so you don’t have to. We’ll only recommended a product if we think it provides AMAZING value – so you can trust our tests to help guide your future purchases.
  • Event coverage. We think amateur cycling events deserve more coverage than they are currently getting. Whenever possible, we provide results, analysis and photos from small events around the UK. If you have an event you think we should cover, let us know by using the contact page.
  • Rider profiles. Ever wondered how some of your favorite riders got where they are today? We’re going to be doing our best to find professionals to talk to about their training programs, diet and much more. We can’t guarantee when/if this will happen – but we’ll do our best!

Our main goal for this site is to build a community of people who love amateur cycling. Not everyone can be a professional – but that doesn’t mean we can’t train like them to be the best we can possibly be.

The first articles will be up soon, so look out for them! You can also subscribe to our RSS feed or follow us on Facebook.

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